About Us

Welcome to our site cocktailhookups.com. As a term covers a wide range so it is not exactly possible to say do's and don't's. We do not permit spammers. Spammers will be immediately blocked. Our site is for accurate and legal reasons suited to those over 18 years of age. We expect you to respect this in your actions. The site offers a wide range of features including instant messenging, chat, video, music and users photos and more including groups and possibly to set groups and private groups up yourself. We reserve the right to amend any profile on the site and to permanently block those who we feel do not serve this community well by causing site or personal problems within the site. Should there be complaints contacting us is easy and we will deal with your issues promptly. We ask that you consider that some using the site may be more serious than others and show reason when sending messages. Show and receive a respectful response. Even if you don't hit it off, you could still find a new friend. We do not promote harm leading to injury in any form. This is a fun /meeting and chat /dating site. This as with any information including all site conditions or matters pertaining to this site can be changed and or amended at any time. Your enjoyment and your safety are important to us too. You should usually always be careful if meeting people from social media or dating or meeting sites, ours is no different. No email information is shared. Your profile details naturally are available once joining to the many / anyone searching our database. Be direct and as honest as you can be in your profile. How you look is up to you. Use of this site is your choice. How we may change any part of this site is our discretion. We shall always strive to make this site a better environment for you and those you seek or might like to see in this particular environment. The site is easy to navigate.
This site is open to all identifying genders be those straight, LGBT or Trans or CD or Xd and sexualites ( over 18 ). Your appreciation of this however you 'yourself' identify shall be appreciated. Abusive language including swear words directed at other users in an aggressive manner is prohibited.
Our over 18 rule serves all aspects of this site and its behaviour and is not open to discussion at all.
Intolerance or ignorance in the form of any type of sexism deliberately or otherwise and in connection with or concerning aspects in any manner of and including racism shall not be tolerated. we do sometimes allow naked adult imagery to illustrate the diversity of some of our members and as not to detract from their own perceptions of themselves/ their identities. For this reason too our site is an over 18 site. We do not support paedophilia or such imagery or exploitation of minors in this manner. Our/this site does contain some material supplied by and suited to discerning ADULTS.